Monday, September 22, 2008

Keep on prayin!!

Keep praying for TJ! He made the two cuts this weekend, but it will be Wednsday before we know of the final cut. TJ's still getting us up with the roosters, and dustin' his Dad (and the other old men) in the afternoons at the Rec center.

We're pulling off a surprise bday party for Kaleigh today. (Today is her 15th birthday!) I am so excited my stomach is jumbled! (And since we're eating pizza that is not good.) We're having her party at the Party Zone (a jumping place where Mikel works). All the friends are meeting us there--She things she's getting ready for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. :)

I wish you could know how much this child has transitioned from who she was to who she is today. I went by the school this afternoon to take her some clothes to change into (she wanted to stay after to play tennis with friends) and she met me with a birthday crown that said, "It's my birthday!" She looked hilarious and loved it. Her friend Lauren made the crown for her. I'm going to try to get her to wear it to dinner (party) so I can get a picture. Several years ago we were on our family vacation when I told Kaleigh that I wanted to meet her friends.

She accused me of implying that she didn't have any friends. And if the truth be known, I was concerned. She used to hang out at the church office every afternoon after school to help the assistants. She called herself the assistant squared. (that would be assistant to the assistant I think) And she loved the women and the work they'd let her do. But I was worried that her favorite people were more than 30 years old! And, I thought she buried her nose in a book at lunch time. I said, "Kaleigh, when we get home from vacation I want you to invite some friends over to the pool." She said, "Mom, you think I don't have any friends!" And I said, "then prove me wrong."

That's all it took. The next weekend we had 12 kids over at the pool. Kaleigh gave me that look she gives and said, "see, I told you I had some friends!" And boy does she ever! From that point forward I got a pool full of friends and hardly a weekend goes by that we don't have someone sleeping over or a group of them coming for a movie, cards, diving lessons, you name it they'll be here. Overnight my little bookworm turned into a socialite. So today when she came out of school with her friend-made birthday crown, I just smiled.

Next week her sophomore class will be over here building their float. We're going for the gold this year. We came in 2nd to the seniors last year. So this year...we're taking first place!! I'll try to get some pics of that too.

Never a dull moment at the McCoy's!!

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