Sunday, August 15, 2010

To GOD be the Glory...

2010 will go down as the year God literally "rocked my world." Not in a "rock concert, WOW, that's so cool!" kind of way but more like an earthquake, shake the foundations tsunami flood kind of way.

I am trying to journal and catch ALL the truth treasures that are whirling around me, and there are too many to record. But one of the greatest was this one that God taught me just this past week. (Actually I think He finally got to the POINT He's been trying to make with me for many years.)

It's these "rock my world" revelations that make the destruction almost bearable. (OK...I'm being melodramatic...actually the "destruction" is more than bearable. I was with my entire family yesterday and laughed until I almost cried. I think that is a bit like dancing in the fire! The valley is certainly bearable and the companionship there is actually cherished.)

But back to my truth treasure. I was praying for my daughter whom I love and telling God how I thought HE ought to work things out. He reminded me that HE is about HIS own glory not hers. This is what He asked me, "Leighann, do you want MY GLORY in this or (He said her name...)'s?"

I love it when God asks me questions, it's not like HE doesn't already know the answer. So I smiled and said, "Hers!" He smiled right back and whispered, "That's whay I thought. Don't forget my precious daughter-Mama...I am a JEALOUS GOD and the only GLORY I'm interested in is MY own."

That could sound arrogant or full of pride if it weren't for the fact that God is perfect and HE knows that His own glory is the only Glory there is. To focus His energy and attention on any other glory would be futile (and sacreligious). As a mother I want what makes my daughters and son happy. I want them to have lives void of suffering and free of pain. I want so much for them! But, if I pray for God to do something in their lives that is motivated by my mother heart the heart that cringes at pain...and if God's glory involves a measure of suffering on my child's part then I have to understand that He is willing to sacrifice my children's safety for His glory.

I know what I want. You see I have a "vision" of what would bring God great glory.It's a picture painted in my mind (more like a dvd that runs continually). But if God's GLORY is better demonstrated through something that doesn't look exactly like my picture then I have to decide if I'm willing to yield my picture to His Glory. Ephesians 3:20 tells me that God wants to exceed my dreams and abundantly overwhelm my requests with HIS OWN GLORY.