Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm going to Europe!

I can hardly believe I'm getting ready to go to Europe! I'll be spending my Labor Day weekend with Cheryl and Karen touring Switzerland, Italy and France to land in Kaiserslautern, Germany on Tuesday where Karen and I will lead a prayer conference (Tuesday, Thursday) for Kaiserslautern Assembly of God Church on the Vogelweh Air Force Base. Then join their prayer clinic ministry Friday night.

Only God would orchestrate such an adventure!

Cheryl teaches in the the elementary school for the military children (a fascinating job) but she spends her school holidays in Spring Hill, and has come to our church during her breaks. As she became familiar with our prayer ministry, she allowed God to use her to share the vision in Germany with her faith family there. So--at her church's invitation, Karen and I are going over the pond to spend a week with them encouraging them in their Prayer Clinic and their prayer lives.

I am humbled and honored for the opportunity. Please be praying for us--we need safe travel, good health, clear minds and open hearts. Pray that we will be bold in our witness and encouragement of the saints serving overseas. Pray also that God will use this as an opportunity to open even more doors to the Prayer Clinic ministry and to the prayer studies I've written. God is good!! And we are eager to follow Him wherever He leads.

Please pray also for Karen as she is in the midst of a move--selling her house and packing to be out just a few weeks after our return. Pray also for Karen's daughter Lauren, her granddaughter Della and her son-in-law, Joe as Joe leaves for another tour of duty with the army (while we are gone). Of course pray also for Tom and my 3 who will be fending for themselves in my absence. They'll be fine as long as I get to the grocery before I go!

Thank you for your prayers! Can't wait to tell you what God does when we return.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Official Day of Summer

Wednesday was our last day of summer, and we went to the lake, Kaleigh and me and three friends. You might not find that very significant, but I personally feel like I conquered the world! Or at least, Normandy Lake!! Tuesday night we put the trailer on the suburban, then took it to the gas station and filled it with fuel. I won't mention that I neglected to notice the suburban was also in need of refueling. But we got that taken care of the next day on our way to the lake.
Then after not too many attempts, I got the boat backed down the launch ramp, and Kaleigh drove it off the trailer. I thought we made a great team! All was well until the boat sputtered and quit running about midway through the day. With 4 teens bobbing up and down in the water, I lifted the lid to the engine, carefully removed a black thing, then took off a round thing and put my finger on the flap thing. Last time the boat stopped running this is what Tom did. But, my little finger on the flap didn't work. So, I texted Tom, from Nassau, Bahamas (in customs) he suggested we pour gasoline over the carburator then try again. I just guessed that what I was fiddling with must have been the carburator, and so we poured the gasoline, and cranked the boat, VOILA! We were running smoothly for the rest of the day.

Everyone skied and tubed...and went home with only minor injuries. Any day at the lake with only minor injuries is a good day at the lake!

It was the perfect way to spend the last day of summer. Kaleigh and friends (all except boyfriend who is off to TN Tech this Fall) were in class on Thursday, miles away from Normandy and all our fun. But summer's not really over. There's still lots of sunshine, and surely another day or two at the lake. With a few more tries I might even be able to back that boat down the ramp like a professional!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August already?

Well, I didn't cry. I wanted to! But I maintained a bit of dignity and stifled the tears. Not sure that's the healthiest thing in the world. Why not just go ahead and BOO HOO everytime you feel like it!
I took TJ to Independence to get his paperwork turned in, purchase our athletic pass, take pictures and collect books. It was quite the afternoon! We normally miss all this excitement when we take our family vacation at the end of the summer. But this year, no family vacation at the end of the summer.
Kaleigh is in East Asia (or more specifically Hong Kong today). Tom's on his annual treck to the Bahamian waters for crawfishing (their crawfish are larger than our lobster!). And Mikel, TJ and I are keeping the home fires burning.
After spending the afternoon with TJ I took Mikel to walk through her schedule and fetch her supply lists at Zion Christian Academy. For her SENIOR YEAR!! Oh my--it's almost more than a Mom should be expected to handle!
But I didn't cry. Not yet anyway. Those tears are fact I am such a sap they'll probably flow all year! "the last 'first day of school', etc." I think I'll make her stand outside the front door with her backpack on and take a picture tomorrow before she leaves for her 27 mile commute.
Oh my....