Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August already?

Well, I didn't cry. I wanted to! But I maintained a bit of dignity and stifled the tears. Not sure that's the healthiest thing in the world. Why not just go ahead and BOO HOO everytime you feel like it!
I took TJ to Independence to get his paperwork turned in, purchase our athletic pass, take pictures and collect books. It was quite the afternoon! We normally miss all this excitement when we take our family vacation at the end of the summer. But this year, no family vacation at the end of the summer.
Kaleigh is in East Asia (or more specifically Hong Kong today). Tom's on his annual treck to the Bahamian waters for crawfishing (their crawfish are larger than our lobster!). And Mikel, TJ and I are keeping the home fires burning.
After spending the afternoon with TJ I took Mikel to walk through her schedule and fetch her supply lists at Zion Christian Academy. For her SENIOR YEAR!! Oh my--it's almost more than a Mom should be expected to handle!
But I didn't cry. Not yet anyway. Those tears are fact I am such a sap they'll probably flow all year! "the last 'first day of school', etc." I think I'll make her stand outside the front door with her backpack on and take a picture tomorrow before she leaves for her 27 mile commute.
Oh my....

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Wife of the Pres. said...

Ahhh … 3 in high school. Now that is something to cry about! No seriously, I say just get a new set of knee pads!!!

I might cry this morning when the big yellow school bus passes us by … we are HOMEschooling this year. So far, so good. We've been at it about 2 weeks now.

The big challenge will be teaching a 10-year-old English come Spring!!! At least our lives are never dull!

Any books on the horizon? I have some ideas rolling around in my head but just no time. Maybe someday! In the meantime, I have my blog for some creative output (if one can call it that). :))

Hope you have a joy-filled day!!!