Wednesday, September 24, 2008

C'Mon, Coach!

So, tomorrow's the big day! He's suppossedly going to post the team (by numbers) in the locker room. TJ is number 105. So pray that 105 is on that list!

This afternoon when I was taking him to the rec center (fueled with nutritious #10 from the McD value menu); TJ said, "When I get to school tomorrow morning, I'm going to head right for the locker room and look at that list. I'll be looking for 105. The absolute worst thing that could happen would be for me not to see it. Then, if I don't see it, I'll double check, hoping that somehow I missed it. And if I don't see it the 2nd time I'm going to look once more. If it's not there then..." that's when his eyes filled with tears and he continued, "you know, that's the worst thing that could possibly happen."

I encouraged him, "Your number's going to be there TJ--I just know it!"

"Yea, but I know how it feels for it not to be there. And I'll never forget that feeling. But you know what, Mom? It really worked out for the best. If I had made the team last year I would have never made it this year. I wouldn't have worked so hard, and I would've been like (another kid) who just showed up expecting to get on--and would've gotten cut right off at the beginning."

"Hmm--so see there? God always knows what He's doing even when we don't have a clue." I responded.

"Yep, He always does!" TJ agreed.

And with that we started talking about how bad all those other boys are going to feel (the ones whose numbers aren't going to be on that list).

So, Mr. Coach--if somehow you're peeking in on this blog--you know TJ? He's the kid who's all heart. Did you know he shot forty something free throws the other afternoon, and 17 3-pointers without missing? He'll come in my room tomorrow morning at 4:45AM and say, "c'mon Mom, let's go!" And then...when I drop him off at school, he'll say, "thanks, Mom. I love you." Because that's what he says every morning that he drags me to the rec center. He's never made a "B" and he had to tell us so last year, because he never makes a big deal out of it either. He likes everybody and everybody likes him--just because he's cool like that. And all he wants right now is to play on your team.

C'mon, Coach--please, put 105 at the top of that list, please...


Wags said...

Ooh good post. TJ MADE ME TEAR UP TOO!

I'll be looking forward to tomorrow almost as much as he is, I'm sure!

Melissa said...

Spoken like a true mom...we'll all be holding our breath and praying that whatever happens, TJ will handle it with wisdom beyond his years...


Alex and Jill said...

This made me cry! I'm praying he makes the team.