Friday, June 25, 2010

When TJ was first getting into gaming systems he had a game on his computer where he could build a theme park. He created roller coasters, decided where to place them, designed the know, all the things that go into great theme parks. Then, when his theme park was finally ready he would open the gates and let the people in.

He'd watch to see how they were liking the park (he could scroll over their heads and see what they were thinking). If anyone was having a negative thought, and if they were headed out of the park, TJ would intercept them and put them in the back of the park to make sure they would never get out. Sometimes he even tried to drown them in the duck ponds.
We chuckled at his strategy. The way he figured it, if they were having a bad time and they left the park they would tell others and his numbers would go down and if his numbers went down he wouldn't make millions of dollars.

Smart kid!

Only, I'm not having too much fun in this park, and it feels like God's picking me up and putting me in the very back. And that wouldn't be so bad if He were letting me float the days away on the little boat ride, but NO! I'm on the whirly thingy that makes you throw up when you finally get off. Maybe if I PROMISE not to tell everyone how awful this part of His park is He'll let me out!!


You know I'm kidding. The reality is that we live on a battlefield, not in a theme park. And sometimes we find ourselves in the "thick of it." We have a formidable foe (after all He had the audacity to take on the heavenly host and God Himself)---and even though he's out for blood (and nicks me at times) He will never win. I'll die on this field if I have to--singing "Victory in Jesus" while I go down.

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Wags said...

I'm catching up on lots of blogs today... just read your last three entries. Just wanted to tell you I love ya today, and thanks for having us all over this week. Our house sold yesterday, and if we get the one we're looking at today, count me in for a farewell to summer pool party in August for us all!

You're constantly on my mind.