Sunday, July 4, 2010

PR Plan

One of the unique elements of living in the fish bowl is the PR plan that has to accompany all that happens in our private lives. The day we discovered I had cancer Tom graciously didn't tell a soul for 24 hours. But then...we had to discuss the PR plan.

I didn't like that--having to deal with such upheavel on a deeply personal level (my colon for heaven's sake) and then to have to do it in front of 2000+ people, but it's just the nature of our lives. Tom held me when I cried a bit about it and said, "Leighann, this goes with what God has given us to do..."

And to tell you the truth it wasn't all that hard really. We were overwhelmed at the outpouring of love. I saved all the cards and took pictures of all the flowers that were sent. I still have people come up to me and ask me how I'm doing, and it makes me smile.

So, in a week or so we're going to open up and let the world in on our current situation. I can't imagine how I'll manage it but "this goes with what God has given us to do..."

We're not the first ones to walk this path, and unfortunately won't be the last. And just like the cancer, I want to do this right. A very wise pastor told us yesterday that when you are a pastor you aren't expected to manage your life in such a way that you don't encounter trouble, but instead, you are supposed to manage your trouble well.

We are going to try our best to manage our trouble well, to love God and to love people and to "Walk in the Light and Do Right." (something else our friend encouraged us to do)


Melissa said...

I am continuing to pray for you and your fam. Had a dream last night about you all and it reminded me again to pray. We will be with you all the way!


Our Family said...

the lankfords are praying for you. our hearts are broken for such a wonderful family. but we have faith that you will "walk in the Light" and He shall prevail.

bethdunn said...

Life in a fishbowl must be tough! Praying for you - wisdom, discernment, strength, and joy in your journey.

Chris said...

Praying for you my friend.

Wife of the Pres. said...

I told Charlie after I read your posts that something was going on with one of your children and it was something they had chosen. I didn't know what … but I could tell from your words … I'm sorry.

PT said this morning that the lost watched us not when life was like tiptoeing through the tulips, but instead when dragging ourselves through the trenches. He said we either shine or we do not.

You and PT were shining bright this morning.

We're praying all the time. GOD IS ABLE!!!