Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Glorious Fish Bowl

As I write this post, I'm in another state, far away from Tennessee and my church family. I'm enjoying the glory of the Lord in the mountains--a glory that is only there. :)

Sunday we shared our story--it was not easy, not even the 4th time. (Because we have 3 services and were leading a class for our adult leaders Sunday morning we had to share 4 times.) But we are glad we shared, and I really think that it's the only way to be a good pastor to our flock.

In May, 1991 I shook as I stood before our small congregation and told them about mine and Tom's struggle with infertility. We'd been seeing a specialist for three years--every month for three years. I'd had surgery, we'd undergone some interesting tests and I struggled silently away from my church family. Prior to sharing that Sunday morning in May I thought I was doing them (and me) a favor by not letting them know what we were really going through. I thought I was a better and braver minister for being willing to suffer alone.

But God told me that He wanted me to share. He wanted me to let them in to my personal pain and walk with me toward the future He had for me. He was teaching me so many things, and I had this burning desire to share them with our church. So, I stood in front of over 100 people and told them about our struggle, our heartache and our desire.

Ever since that day we've lived our life honestly and openly in front of our people. I know that many pastors and especially their wives might think we are crazy for doing that...but we have to lead the way God's told us to lead, and this seems to be the way He wants us to do it.

I'm grateful for the genuine love that grows out of honesty. I'm even more grateful for the multiplicity of prayers. I hope that our willingness to share will spur others toward doing the same--maybe not in front of 2000 people--but at least with a trusted few. God created us to be interdependent on one another. If we're going to be the hands and heart of Christ we have to be vulnerable with one another.

Life in the glorious fish bowl...it's not a life for everyone; but it's the only one for me.


Wags said...

The Wagoners are blessed to serve with the McCoy's. You are a tremendous example of how to properly handle the "fishbowl". Take in some much needed rest in that sweet mountain place!

Y. Cole said...

I'm doing a bible study from one of your books. It's on fear and learning to face our giants. I also enjoyed your book on prayer (Oh God, Please). I appreciate so much your continued commitment to serve even during this difficult time in your life. Our ladies Bible Study class lifted you up in prayer last night and promised to continue. God Bless

Y. Cole said...

You're in my prayers.
God Bless