Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break the beach

I absolutely LOVE spring break. And this year's might go down in my personal history as one of my favorite break's ever. We took our family plus two to Destin, Florida where we unashamedly exposed our winter-white skin to the first rays of warmth (well, it was warm if you laid down flat on your back and stayed there close to the sand--and if your towel was a dark color. Did you know that dark colors absorb heat?). TJ got enough sun to create a burn, and I wore SPF 30 for the first time in my life. But we all came home with a healthy glow--nonetheless.
Tom and I rode bikes, he and Kaleigh played tennis daily (until Kaleigh broke her raquet strings--just like a PRO!), Mikel hung out with her beau, and TJ and Chase found a different group of girls to see each day! (They took a 7 mile bike ride to one set, then talked us into delivering them to another. I've never seen two young men take such full advantage of the beach!) I had all the starbucks I wanted, AND we found a Shake's (great frozen custard that is worth every calorie it holds).
We ate in--and we ate out. It was all good. But most of all--I didn't write anything, I didn't plan anything (well--maybe I made a few plans) and I didn't accomplish anything (except maybe a slight tan line). It was GREAT!
Reminded me of college days when I'd collect apples in the cafeteria line, then buy a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and pool my pennies with my friends to rent a room across from the beach where we'd simply soak for two whole days before we rolled our rear-ends right back up 331N to 65N to Samford's campus before curfew on Sunday.
Those were the days, and so are these. I'll try to get some pictures on here soon.


Alex and Jill said...

We love Destin...have vacationed there for 10 years. LOVE IT!

Happy to hear that you guys had a wonderful family vaca!

happymcfamily said...

I think girl watching is precisely why Brett has yet to lead a youth trip to the beach. He avoids it at all costs :)