Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iris in my backyard

Oh my, I don't know if you like flowers, but my favorite one is the Iris--just happens to be the Tennessee state flower! However, I fell in love with Iris when I lived in Georgia. My father always had plenty of them blooming all over our yard. His mother always had plenty of them blooming all over her yard! So, it was only a matter of time until I talked him into planting me some when I moved to my first house on 2862 Windy Way. For 9 years we enjoyed my "hand-me-down" iris (whose great grandparents first lived in my grandma's yard in Commerce, GA). But when we moved to Sullivan Farms, I never got around to planting any iris.

However, in August of 2007, I talked my mother into helping me choose an assortment (so we hoped)of my father's iris. We brought them to Tennessee, and planted them in the late summer in the raised bed that surrounds our pool. She warned me that they most likely wouldn't bloom in 08, but this year, WOW! I simply can't get over them! I go outside every morning and walk around admiring them--the delicate petals, their strong stems, the green's silly really but they are seriously amazing. What amazes me is that they do this all by themselves. Besides watering a bit when it gets dry in the summer, I've done nothing!

Makes me think about the best things God does in my life, just given the proper planting, a little water and good soil--and things bloom! And all this time I've been thinking I had to produce the blooms--God just wants me to soak up the nutrients, stretch toward the light, stand firm in the cold and He'll take care of the "show."

Ok...I need to post pictures, but once again you'll have to wait a day or two for those as my camera is with me but the cable that hooks it up to my computer is across the way in my garage office. I hope something's blooming in your yard too!

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Melissa said...

Irises are my favorite too! They always bloom around my birthday so I think of them as God's birthday gift to me!