Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prom Weekend

I never went to prom when I was in high school. I know, that's sad. I'm a very well-adjusted adult woman, been married to the GREATEST man in the world for 22 plus years, and would have been proud to have been his prom date, but we didn't meet until 7 years beyond that time in my life. So, when I was in high school, the fanciest dress I ever wore, I wore on Easter Sunday (and mine matched 3 others that my sisters were wearing! Homemade by my loving mother from a Simplicity pattern and pastel blue dotted swiss.)

So, when Mikel landed her prom date, I enjoyed every single minute of it! I loved looking for the right dress, watching her embellish that right dress with her own design (she had to add straps to fit dress code, but added a few other splashes of white to match her date). Then, when it got to be prom day, Kaleigh and I both went with her to get our nails done, and to purchase last minute bobby pins and doo dads.

I loved watching my dear friend (and neighbor) curl her hair, and totally enjoyed listening to Mikel tell me how nervous she was. This is the kid that can stare down a fast-pitch pitcher and hit a line drive when the count is 2 outs and 2 strikes at the end of a tournament, but putting on a dress makes her nervous!
But when he came to get her and I snapped the photos' I didn't smile anymore. Instead I blinked back tears. Where did it all go? How did we get here? When did my precious baby girl grow into this gorgeous young woman? Is there a way to slow it all down? Will she really leave me someday, draped on the arm of her own "knight in shining armor" to never call my house her home again?

Straps and bows--$18.37
Shoes (on sale!)--$12.99
Bobbie Pins--$3.89
Seeing Mikel smile for the camera--PRICELESS


happymcfamily said...

Gorgeous! She looks just like you. And for the record, in that shot of Mikel on the stairs where there's that picture of Kayleigh in the background, that's exactly how I remember Kayleigh.

Alex and Jill said...

She looks like a princess in that dress...beautiful!