Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching up with my blogging friends

Blogging is such an interesting hobby--one that I've neglected during this season of my life. The problem is that when I blog I don't really know who I'm talking to; and because I like to process my intimate thoughts when I write, I'm tempted to spill all my inmost thoughts to the faceless and nameless masses.

Only if I do that during these days I will infringe on the personal lives of people I love a WHOLE LOT! And...tomorrow I might be sorry that I divulged so much personal STUFF to people who are too smart to divulge their STUFF in return. :)

So...I've resisted the urge.

But in an effort to get back in the blogging saddle here I am!Let me see if I can just give you some little snapshots of my life (Kind of like the snapshots we don't admit that we like to digest in People magazine while we're waiting to earn our Kroger points at the grocery.)

TJ is doing something that I would have never expected him to do...He's NOT playing basketball anymore (I am thanking God for that decision daily.) But instead He's joined the Cheerleading squad!! I would have NEVER imagined that my SON would be my high school cheerleader!! Go EAGLES!

Kaleigh has just about decided to attend Samford University next year! And we are so excited about that...First, it's only 2 1/2 hours down the road. And second, Samford is my alma mater!! Go Bulldogs!

Mikel is giving Tom and me a granddaughter in January or February 2011. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in mind for all of us through the precious life of Misty Sierra. :)

There you go...a snapshot. Oh, and if you've been following my blogs! Our seniors won their float contest! I can't find a picture right now so go to Kaleigh McCoy's facebook page and see her pictures. :)

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bethdunn said...

I think TJ will be a GREAT cheerleader- I see a college scholarship in his future!! I love that he is willing to step out of the norm!!