Monday, September 27, 2010

Class of 2011

I love the Class of 2011. Don't tell the classes of 2010 or 2013, but this one is and always has been my favorite. Ever since they were babies in the nursery at church I have loved them. There were always more of them. As they grew up we scrambled to find them enough rooms and teachers. The class of 2011 is filled with leaders and question askers and dreamers and mischief-makers.
And in 2007 they chose to come to my house to build their homecoming float. A few other mothers and I fed them sloppy joe's and pizza. We figured that if they were fed they would stay on task. I was impressed that although 2/3rds of them were from Heritage and 1/3 were from Page--they quickly traded stories and friendships and allowed themselves to grow together to be the IHS class of 2011. As sophomores they made me so proud when at least 100 of them worked together to create a submarine. And as junoirs they truly outdid themselves with their pirate ship (even if the live fish did find their way somehow into my girls' bathtub on Friday night)!!
They are coming back today--I'm not sure what they'll build, but I'm headed to Kroger to get the ingredients for my 4th round of sloppy joe's and pizza. I can't wait to have them descend on my house this week. We'll have tissue paper piled sky high, and we'll be picking up wire for the next 6 months but this is what I live for. :)

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