Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cancer is over and Life returns

So, this is the first week I've been responsible for family meals again. I thank God for Chick Fil A!! I'm wondering if our family could just sign up for home cooked meals every spring. They could start coming when softball begins and end when the last tennis match is over. :) (Of course next year there will be NO MORE SOFTBALL!!...Don't EVEN get me started!)

I thought that my journey through cancer would drastically change me. But I'm slipping back into my pre-cancer mode all too quickly. I still want to eat sweets at night. I have been satisfying that sweet tooth with Lucky Charms lately. Maybe the almond milk is better than skim and the "lucky" will counter-balance the cancer loving SUGAR!!

I told Tom that I was going to adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for stress. But two days back in the office at TSC and Good Grief!! What was I THINKING?!!

And, when I was pondering the possible spread of cancer in my body I came in to my home office and CLEANED HOUSE! I mean I tossed away entire stacks of "I've got to get on that" projects! It felt good. For the first time EVER I saw clearly what God meant for me to do. I was convinced that I would never again take on more than what was supposed to be mine--I would "stay in my lane" to quote a dear friend who endured the autobahn with me last fall.

It was a good idea...

God is still good. I'm still smiling at how He rocked me close last month at this time, but it's kind of like He's set me down now on my own two feet, patted me on the behind and said, "get back out there and do your thing."

I just want "my thing" to be His thing too.

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susan said...

Leighann - So thankful God has answered so many prayers for you. You are an inspiration to so many and your story gives such praise to God. I feel sure He will use it in great ways and you will have an even greater impact as people see the strength and power He is giving you in the midst of this struggle. Just wanted you to know you have been in my prayers. Praising God...

Susan Howerton
Missions Minister
The Bridge Church
(old Alabama friend and evidently "look alike" as people stop me all the time wondering if we are related). What a compliment to me!