Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yesterday was "Some Day"

Okay, I do have two other children and a husband, but I've got to do one more post on Kaleigh. Yesterday was "Some Day" for her--you know what I mean: Some day I'll give up my bottle, some day I'll learn the alphabet, some day I'll start school, some day I'll lose my first tooth...the some days come and go.

Some day...I'll get my learner's permit.

That's what happened yesterday. I got Kaleigh from school later than usual. They get out at 2:30something but I don't dream of being in that line waiting--why should I get out in all that traffic when if I wait just 20 minutes I can avoid it all together?! I've always believed this--to the point that TJ was picked up last almost every day when he went to elementary school. He thought that my not being in the front of the line 45 minutes before school let out meant that I didn't love him. What is up with that anyway? Why do those mothers have to do that? It only makes the rest of us look bad. I knew one woman in our church who led a Bible study for the early liners!!! Not me, I could hardly make it before the flashing light stopped flashing! Anyway, to let TJ know that I did truly LOVE him! I flip flopped his way of thinking. I promised that each time he was last being picked up I'd give him $5. From then on he saw my tardiness as his reward (and I made a greater effort not to be the very last mother there).

Kaleigh still pouts a little when I'm well past 3 getting her. And tomorrow was no different. We rushed home to pick up a birth certificate, a utility bill (that needs paying), her social security card and her school attendance form. And off we went to the Franklin Driver's License office. We almost drove to Columbia for her to take her test because the people are nicer down there and the wait is a whole lot shorter. Not only that, but I just sent a complaint to the office of complaints regarding the people at the Franklin station not being very friendly--and I was afraid they might know I'd done that and take it out on Kaleigh. BUT---we decided on going there anyway--it's closer.

An hour later Kaleigh went into the room to take her test. She was excited to miss only as many questions as her sister missed (we live in a very competitive family)--she made a GREAT picture, and came out a licensed learner.

It was some day.

I took her right away to Starbucks to celebrate (we celebrate everything!! I still remember the $10 march we took around the kitchen when she kept her pull-ups dry 10 days). After that I took her to the church parking lot for her first driving lesson. Do we ever have a great place to learn to drive! It's like a city of possibility outside that church!!! We drove, parked, turned on the blinkers and I got bored after about 10 minutes and talked her into driving to the Tucker's. Off we went--maybe the scariest ride down TS road that I've ever had! But she did great. When the Tucker's were not home to help us celebrate we decided to take off to TJ's house (our student pastor)--it was another 4 miles or so away.

They were having their own celebration inside when we got there! TJ and his son were singing at the top of their lungs and didn't hear us at the door until we knocked and rang the bell 3 times!! But, it was definitely the right place to celebrate--after Kaleigh was duly rewarded with "way to go!" from her student pastor, his wife, son and daughter--we headed home. (I drove.)

It was Kaleigh's "some day." She showed her Dad her license, we all oohed and ahhed over how pretty she is in the picture--and she settled back into real life with her Euro history "friend."

It was my some day too--only I didn't "settle." Instead, I cried a little and remembered a lot. The some day I discovered she was on her way...the some day I thought I miscarried her...the some day she finally arrived...the some day she took her first step...the some day she learned to ride her many some days.....


Big Nanny said...

I've always been a "slacker" mom that picks up late, so next year I may implement your reward system. Congrats Kaleigh! I understand all the tears. By the way, I took Andrea to Columbia for her permit test because I heard that the lines were shorter there. They printed male instead of female on her permit. They would not fix it over the phone and I ended up at the Franklin office to get it fixed. I was willing to live with this error for a while, but Andrea was so disappointed and insisted that we go right away to fix it.

Wags said...

Y'all should try getting a drivers license up north... you'll never complain about hateful DMV people again. Trust me... they know all about southern hospitality here. Even at the drivers license place.