Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kaleigh's Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Okay, Betty just reminded (comment on last post) that Kaleigh went to Nicaragua this past week. OH MY!! This week is always the longest week of the year for me. Ever since Kaleigh first started visiting Nicaragua when she was 12! I am so proud of her--and so pondering what God has in mind for her life.

She wrote a paper for school the other week about a life changing event. Her life changing event was her first trip to Nicaragua. I'm going to get that paper from her and print some of it here one of these days. But this was the part that really got me...she said, "now that I've seen poverty. I cannot NOT do something about it."

Wow--how many of us should be so pro-active. The past 3 years Kaleigh's earned her own money for this trip. She wants nothing all year except to raise her funds to go again just so she can hold the children, renew friendships with the people she's met before and work to share God's love in tangible ways. Every year she comes back different. More grateful, sometimes almost feeling guilty (this year she asked me to make her only a half a sandwhich because she'd been tossing the other half in the trash and she said, "I can't do that anymore.").

I saw something new in her this time--it's confidence and a real passion to get her friends to go back with her. She's right now planning another trip for June of next summer. I am so excited to see her embrace God's love for people through this trip!!

Of course Kaleigh couldn't have this experience without Mrs. Donna (our preschool minister who coordinates the Nicaragua mission trip) and the other adults who always fill in as Nicaraguan Moms and Dads for her during this week. THANK YOU EVERYONE who love my Kaleigh and pour into her!!

I'll get some pictures and post soon.

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Leslie said...

Awesome stuff! You must be swelling right now with pride in a good Momma way! :) Charlie definitely left a big part of his heart in Nicaragua, especially on this last trip when we found out about Susannah while he was there. Oh, how I did not want him to go, but God knew. He knew b/c Charlie says God prepared His heart for news of her in so many tangible ways.

He prays very seriously and fervently that we will someday bring home a child from Nicaragua or another Latin American country. It will take mountain moving because the doors are just closed, but we've seen God move mountains just recently, huh?! Jackson wants another sister and Jonah wants another brother and maybe a sister too, so we'll see … . I for one just want another one!

Please post some of Kayleigh's pics too. I know she got some good ones last fall! I pray people's hearts are shattered for these children through Kayleigh's testimony … maybe she could do a guest post on your blog! :) L