Saturday, October 4, 2008

We won, we lost, we won, we lost, we won, we won

We WON!! Our sophomore class of '11 beat all the others. Our float blew the judges away and we took first place!! I was so proud of these students. They had a great time, worked hard and worked together! This week is rapidly becoming a highlight of my year. Way to go guys!!

We lost...both our high schools had their homecoming games last night. Tom and I went to Zion first (their game started at 7 while IHS started their game at 7:30). Unfortunately the Zion eagles were playing the number 1 ranked team in their division. We lost...but we had a great time watching! The homecoming court was beautiful. I loved the way the attendants all wore black dresses and the queen wore white. They all rode in convertible classics. Very classy. Mikel's boyfriend plays center--and he did great. Not a single "hike" was missed. :)

We won!! Tom and I left Zion Christian Academy's game at half time and arrived at IHS right as the 3rd quarter began. The score board wasn't working so I never really new what the score was. But, we won!! I love IHS football games, the fans are so TOTALLY into it!! This was also a big night because Kaleigh found her own ride to the game. If you know my Kaleigh you know this is HUGE!!

We lost...if you know have more than one child, you know what it's like to have the best of times and the worst of times at the same time. Today--after a week of hosting the float building at my house, Kaleigh ended up at home alone during the homecoming dance. She was a little bit down so I made a pan of brownies. :)

We won...Meanwhile, Mikel rushed in at 3:45PM and dressed in record time to go to her homecoming dance with her very good-lookin', FINE boyfriend. Tom and I have to be careful not to be too excited over him!! He's great for her as far as we can tell-but we can't like him too much or that will work against him in her book.

And, we won...TJ had 3 friends over to make a simple machine today--I think it's a project for his science class. There was one very smart boy and two very pretty girls. Way to go TJ! All I know is they used the saw quite a bit, ate a pepperoni pizza, and the boy left TJ with the two pretty girls. He left with both girls to go watch HMS play in the Independence Bowl. Then, TJ came back home just in time to shower and prepare for his "not date" with a beautiful little girl and her Dad. :) TJ--what a boy!!


Wags said...

Booooo for all the dumb boys that missed out on the would've been sweetest homecoming date at the dance.

Seriously- my blood is at a simmering-not-quite-boil for her.

I hope she ate the whole pan all by herself...

Melissa Lee said...

Holy Smokes. Mikel McCoy looks 20 years old!!

Get ready, mama.
Get good and ready.


Leighann said...

You're not kidding she's looking all grown up! She exclaimed when she took a look at the photo: "Oh my goodness, I look just like you, Mom!"

Not sure if she liked that or not, but I walked away feeling just a little bit better about myself!!