Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging, procrastinating and "bowels"

Ok, so blogging hasn't found its way into my summer schedule. With tanning, cleaning bird poo off the pool deck and getting kids to and from camps...I've hardly had time to write the checks that pay my bills, much less get on here and wax eloquent...

But, today, I'm back. The thunder is rumbling in the distance, muggy air surrounds me (that glorious weather we were enjoying up until two days ago is a distant memory), and I need to do some emails so I thought, "great time to procrastinate blog."

So...this is my procrastinate blogging. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago. First check up I'd had in 5 years. And it was COMPREHENSIVE!!! I saw a funny picture of what men ought to have to go through (a kind of male version of a mammogram....I'll leave the visuals to your imagination) and I wished it were so. But, I came out in "good" health. For so many this would be considered a "good" report. But for me, "not so good..." For ever I was in "excellent" health. And somehow my cholesterol and ldl have tipped over toward the border line between good and "could be better." How did that happen?! And I don't even want to think about my weight. Where I used to be at the low end of "healthy weight for my height and age" that also is "borderline" on the OTHER side!!

Funny how we choose to ignore what we don't want to see. And if that weren't enough--I also have a gall stone. Only OLD people have "gall stones." (Or maybe only old people talk about it!) My daughter went to visit our worship pastor's wife in the hospital yesterday and came home reporting on her "bowels." I'm having flashbacks of the Sunday afternoon organ recitals my mother and grandmother used to have!

But, here I am. I had a cheeseburger and fries (with a chocolate shake) for lunch. As if I were still 124 pounds with cholesteral free blood pumping through my 23 year old veins! And I smile.

Why? Because it's summer. I've had numerous teenagers at my pool, we've already taught a new one to water ski, I'm headed to the lake on Friday and life couldn't be better (perhaps my transport unit could use some work--but just am not sure I'm willing to work on it). TJ's playing some bball at the high school. Mikel's convinced she already knows the one and only school she wants to consider for college (sure takes a load off of our shoulders for her to make this decision so easily), both my girls have "boyfriends" (amazing how that brings peace to our home)and I have a new patio. Not only that, but our worship pastor's wife's bowels are getting much better.

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