Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's over and I'm crazy!

I bet you've been wondering what I've been up to lately. Well, first to the mountains with Tom (and I'm not blogging about that!). Then to "share the message" on Mother's Day at TSC. If you want to listen to "Storming Hell's Gates" it's already been archived at (look in archived messages, non series). And's been nonstop awards banquets, projects due, packing for trips, and other end of the school year festivities.

I did take a road trip to Madisonville, KY last weekend. Thanks Faith Missionary BC for a GREAT WEEKEND!

And here I am. Looking forward to a great summer with my kids, and my pool, and my plans and my books. I wish I could bottle today's weather and release it in August! It's amazing!

I let TJ skip his promotion ceremony today. We let Mikel beg off when she was in the 8th grade, then scheduled a trip to the lake when Kaleigh was in the 8th grade. But TJ didn't really have a good excuse, only that he couldn't convince me to rent him a tux. So...I let him sleep. Tom had a doctor's appointment and we both have a hard time with all the "to do" over simply finishing 8th grade. Of course putting middle school behind us is worthy of a celebration! I have to admit that the only thing I might possibly miss is Mrs. Paula's phone messages.

"Hello! This is Paula Pulliam, principal of Heritage Middle School with some important information..."

TJ's up now (it's 11AM). He just got a phone call that he won the "school spirit award" and the Algebra Scholar award. I feel awful for not being there to claim those!!

Kaleigh's the only one who went to school today. She's got an art test (and chemistry tomorrow). But I'm letting her boy "interest" pick her up early! He's about to graduate this weekend and she's only 15. Am I crazy?!

And Mikel? Her school's officially over tomorrow, but she's missing today and tomorrow because I dropped her off at her boyfriend's house this morning at 7:30AM to go with his family to Louisiana.

I am insane. I have to be.

But, on my back porch right now the wind is blowing softly, the sun is shining and I'm listening to the birds sing. Surely the God who holds all that in place has made allowances already for the lack of judgement in me.



Melissa said...

You have a pool?!? My kids so need to come over and swim this summer!


happymcfamily said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better of worse, but I was 2 months shy of 16 (starting my junior year) when I met Brett and he was starting his first year of college...
(the I graduated early and ended up only a year behind him, ha!)

11 years later, we're going strong! you never know...

Karen said...

Are you crazy? No way! You're a mom who doesn't sweat the small stuff and let's God take care of all the rest. Great job.

Leighann said...

Melissa, do come! Mikel's actually considering offering a summer camp for kids --if she does, we'll let you know. Becca, THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER!! And Karen, THANKS! :)