Friday, November 14, 2008

Moe's Barbeque Fish and Things

Okay, if you live in Thompson Station or Spring Hill--you know how exciting it is when new restaurants open. For heaven's sake, when Captain D's opened--there was a traffic jam in front of Lowe's!! I was NOT in the line mind you. The last time I ate Captain D's I was pregnant with Mikel, catching a quick bite with Tom before spending the afternoon helping him with some of his doctoral work, and I regretted it the entire afternoon!

However, I did notice that O'Charley's is "NOW OPEN!" And I do hope to get Kaleigh down there soon for some of those big hot yeast rolls. (She loves O'Charleys!) And, the Olive Garden is coming soon. I've been meaning to taste some of Gigi's cupcakes, and I've heard great things about that new mexican grill (can't remember the name). I remember when our choices were two: the Spring Hill Restaurant (a meat and 3 in downtown Spring Hill--now for sale) and the Steeple Chase Inn (where Pancho's used to be and the Mediterranean restaurant is now. In fact, it was at the Steeple Chase that we interviewed with the entire congregation --in the large corner booth--on the last Sunday of January 1989 when Tom preached his trial sermon).

But the most recent banner that caught my attention is just outside the new Kroger gas station (beside the new Kroger that is beside the middle school--YES!! I plan to send TJ shopping in the afternoons timing it just so that I can pick him up in the Kroger check-out line to pay the bill.).

The banner reads "Moe's Barbeque Fish and Things"

I've nearly had an accident craining my neck to see where exactly Moe's is located. Is it in the Kroger plaza? No. Is it back there with that new childcare center? No. Sharing the building with the oil change place? Nope. Today I discovered Moe's restaurant. It's a trailer in the TSC Hardware (not church) parking lot. I kid you not--you can enjoy Moe's in the comfort of your own car--parking for FREE at TSC!!

Something about things... kind of concerns me when it's served out of a trailer! but, more power to you Moe!! You're one MOE choice we have for dinner!!


Sumer said...

I have eaten it before - and it is actually really good! I dont normally eat out of trailers on the side of the road, but I love me some fried catfish...and it was actually the best I have had in a long time.

Leighann said...

Well, with that great review, I just might send Tom by there tonight when he goes to fetch TJ from bball practice and we'll try the catfish! Then I can let you know what I think.

Me said...

So glad for your review, Sumer. It's the "things" that really bothers me the most.


Leighann said...

We did try the catfish Friday night...we enjoyed it. The pieces are huge! And, they'd already run out of cole slaw and fries--so people must be enjoying the "things."
there's still something kind of interesting about what might be going on inside that trailer!