Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving right along...what happened to the stockyard???

Okay, so I stirred up a bee hive with my back--for all of you out there, yes, pastors and their wives DO THAT!! ;)
Anyway...I'm moving right along...

What happened to the stockyards???? Tom and I have been in Thompson Station for 19 1/2 years and all that time we've enjoyed telling people of how God has let us build a church "right across the street from the stock yards!" Then, last Saturday when I was bringing TJ to the fireworks tent (to purchase discount fireworks the day AFTER the 4th--only to find them all packed up and ready to move out)...he and I decided to tour our new parking lot and driveway--(have you ever seen such a driveway for a church??? ) We were pulling back out on highway 31 when we realized the stockyards were demolished!

When did that happen? Nobody told me that was happening? How can it be? TJ almost got tears in his eyes. A landmark...a piece of history...a real reminder of our rural roots is gone just like that! What will we ever do without the STINK in July and the bloated dead things leftover in the parking lot and the 18 wheelers parked in our lot?? Never again will we chase goats around the building. It will never be the same again.

There was a time in our ancient history when Tom came home from church and said, "If we have to, Leighann, we'll just start all over in the stockyard..." Of course we never had to, but I just KNOW that stinky old spot inspired us. I'm thinking it was on a Sunday night when Tom declared, "If God can touch the world from a manger in Bethlehem, He can certainly touch it from Thompson Station Church across the street from a stock yard! We will TOUCH THE WORLD from Thompson Station!" And for years that was our motto: Touch the World from Thompson Station Church.

Of course, we changed our motto last year. Now we're not just gonna "touch the world" we're gonna CHANGE THE, I guess it's all in the motto--they're changing the landscape and we're changing the world.

I'm still going to miss those cows and pigs.


Teresa said...

I noticed they were gone a week ago and I had the same feeling!!

I guess in leaving this comment I am confessing that I've been reading your blog. And that I too was a little, how shall I say it?......ummm.....uncomfortable with the visuals on your last post.

I guess your pastor and his wife are alot like your parents in that regard. We know you "do that" but we don't want to think about it. : )

Welcome to Blog World! It's a pretty fun place to be.

Rhonda said...

I know!! I noticed that too. Did they tear it down, did it burn, what?!!! I told Tim about it (he didn't know and he knows everything). Sad, sad day... (dramatic pause)..... ok, let's not dwell... the cows wouldn't want it.