Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ever had one of those days?

Last summer we came up with the world's greatest 12 year old bday party. Tom and I took TJ and a few of his friends to our friend Wayne's house on Smith Lake in Alabama, and we parasailed!! (We also tubed, skied and surfed, played that train game you can play with dominoes and ate BROWNIES!!) But our main goal was to experience the sensation of being one of those little bows that dangles below a kite. Now, I know that I am NOT a kid anymore, and I know that when I was growing up in my family the most adventurous thing we ever did was skip rocks into the lake without wearing life jackets. But since I met and married Tom McCoy, my life has taken a turn for ADVENTURE with the emphasis being on all sorts of life-defying activities. In fact, I've written an entire book on my adventure of snow skiing (brief infomercial--that book is coming out in the Lifeway Bookstores this Fall, Women Embracing Life...All of It!). These adventures have included jumping off 30 foot cliffs into mountain streams in Arizona (well--not me, but watching two of my children do it), and diving with sharks in the warm waters off shore in the Bahamas, mountain climbing vertical rocks, and the list could go on. I've done LOTS of amazing things--even learned to water ski (slalom) after 35. But I don't think I've ever impressed others quite as much as I did when I parasailed last May. The first video shows how it works. After that, you will see how it worked for me.


Big Nanny said...

Yes, I have had one of those days. My sister and I went parasailing over the gulf of Mexico a few years ago and our parasail crashed into the shark infested waters and I got stung by jellyfish. Wish I had it on video:)

Teresa said...

I had one of those days riding a jet ski that Big Nanny was driving.