Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay, here's my first post from my East Asia trip. When we arrived in the town of 60,000 my first impression was that there was a whole lot of construction going on. Then, I saw a man sleeping in a cot in one of the roadside "tent" dwellings--right at the construction site!

We ate a God-blessed meal at the little "cafe" by the river. And by God-blessed, this is how our host prayed, "Lord, thank you for the food set before us. Please help us get down what You keep down and keep it in there til You want it to come out." I'm just sayin' stay away from the "green stuff."

After lunch and a great game of cards--that we never quite figured out. (Playing cards with young adults who can't speak a single word of English is quite the experience. Tom and Reagan took a whirl, I think Tom even won a hand.) Anyway, after lunch and cards, we walked back over the bridge that crossed the river and watched a bride and groom take their wedding pictures. When they saw us they invited us over to ...BE IN THE PICTURES!! Imagine that!

After we posed for wedding pictures, we ventured over to the school yard where I was able to converse with the girls --when they gave their English a group effort. It was so fun. They taught me to say hamburger in chinese. It sounds like ham...bah...bah. How's that?! Once we shared as much as we could communicate one girl looked at me and said, "face?" I looked back, nodded yes and repeated, "face?" I wasn't sure what she was trying to say. But in response she simply reached up to my cheek and planted a kiss right there.

I was in love. The people welcomed us with smiles and kisses! They are so eager to hear what we have to share. Pray with me that God will open doors to the gospel through us. I'm seriously considering organizing a prayer team to go next year and march through the streets of that city, and up and down the paths of the market towns and villages where this unreached people group lives. Maybe you should go with me!!

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