Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mikel's first accident

I think there ought to be a new "baby book" that we give mothers when their babies become teenagers. We could record all the "firsts..."

The first boyfriend
The first kiss
The first tragic, end of the world break-up
The first driving lesson
The first solo drive
The first broken nose, arm, wrist, ankle, etc from playing ball
The first experience with Eve's curse
The first homecoming dance
The first...

Oh, how I could fill that book. Most recently we experienced...the first car accident. It happened last Wednesday when Mikel pulled out of her school parking lot. "I never saw them at all!" Nor did she see the pasture fence until it was behind her. After a wham, bam, spin and land...she came out amazingly ok. Her 96 Camry...not so good.

She called her Dad--not me. When I told Kaleigh that I wondered why Mikel didn't call me, she said, "Because you never answer your phone!" Once her Dad found out she wasn't hurt, and that the people in the other car weren't hurt either...he wanted to know where her phone was. When he discovered it was in her purse and not in her hand, he then assured her that she was much more precious than a hunk of metal, and that we were so thankful she was okay.

I called when her Dad was on his way down and she sounded like a rock! Just a few days ago I collided with another car in the Academy parking lot, and was shaking like a leaf! (we are not blogging about that little accident) But here was my daughter in an accident that hit her so hard she flew off the road, through a ditch and a fence spinnning around in a pasture and she was holding up amazingly well. She did shake a little when we saw the spot on Thursday morning when I took her to school. But she also told me how her headmaster came and stood with her before her Dad arrived. She said, "Mama, Mr. Wahlman stood by me like a mother duck!" I LOVE that school!!!

She drove our 93 Suburban to school today. It's a TANK! Woe to the one who hits her in this!!


Alex and Jill said...

I'm like you...shaking like a leaf, when I ran into the back of someone's car.

I'm so glad (that she wasn't on her cell) and that she's okay. :)

Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks for following me on Twitter. I thought I would click over and get to know you on your blog. I live in Memphis-not far away. How funny it is to me the way God links us up and connects the dots through the internet!! I will stop back by and check in with you again. I was sorry to read about your daughter's accident. I have been there! Scary.

I linked your blog to my site. I have raised and released 2 great and godly men into the adult world. I write a daily blog to encourage moms in the fine art of Christian mothering and I have taught a Bible study for MOMS for nearly 20 years now. I do love me some mommas! Click over and link to me if you feel we are like-minded. Blessings as your raise up your flock for the Lord Jesus.

happymcfamily said...

Speaking of baby books, because of all the mothers of young children whose blogs I follow, I initially thought that this post had to do with potty training when I saw the title :)

So glad she is ok.

Melissa Lee said...

Y'all still have that big ol' '93 suburban?? That is making me snicker right now.


Teresa said...

I'm so glad she's OK. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this! And by the way, I love Mr. Wahlman (and the school) too!

Big Nanny said...

Daughters always call their Daddy's first. My sister got in a car accident a few months after she got married...she called Daddy within minutes and he arrived to save the day. Needless to say, her new hubby wasn't very happy that she didn't call him first;)

Glad she's okay!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Yeah I called my Daddy too when I ran into the back of a very nice young man on the interstate. I did know my Dad's work was within minutes and my new hubby was at least an hour away probably already on his way to school (college). Still I don't know that all that mattered; I just wanted my Daddy!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Oops … wasn't finished! SO THANKFUL Mikel is OK. That sounds like Her BIG DADDY was really watching out for her! Praise God for His protection.