Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm back! And basketball season is in full "bounce!"

Oh my. I am sorry I haven't been here for the past few weeks! I've finally digested all that Christmas goodness, and have been off and running to basketball games. With both Mikel and TJ playing ball this season, we have 5 games a week spreading over a 60 mile radius. Tonight Tom's going with TJ, and Kaleigh and I are going to watch Mikel.

In November I put a little yellow sticky note on my calendar. I'd just written in all the ballgames and almost had a coniption (not sure I spelled that right--for you southern friends--I nearly had a FIT) when I saw how many nights I'd be in somebody's gym. Immediately the devil started whispering, "what kind of mother are you? You'll be eating nacho's and popcorn for dinner most every night of the week! Your family has not and will not sit down together for months for a meal! How can you possibly write and teach when your house is not in order?!" He went on and on like he likes to do when I'm especially vulnerable.

All of the sudden the voice of the Holy Spirit blasted into that mess and this is what He said, "I gave you those healthy children!! You prayed for TJ to make that team! You begged Me to open the door for Mikel to play ball in her new school even though she wasn't supposed to get to do that! This is a time to REJOICE!!"

And with that, I took those thoughts captive with my little yellow sticky note where I wrote, "I will ENJOY basketball season!" Little did I know how much I'd need to see that note. I've switched it from November to December and now to January--in a week I'll move it on to February (when praise the Lord this blessing will come to an end the third week of that month). TJ has struggled with playing time (or the lack thereof) and last night Tom and I were with Mikel in the ER--she got an elbow to her nose, and had to get it "glued." But here I am enjoying basketball season!



Amy said...

speak it, speak it, speak
i.0t,. and t.hen speak it again!!!!:)

Wags said...

Yellow sticky note-to-self:

I will be grateful for a husband going on a zillion mission trips. :)

Thanks for the ounce perspective!