Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Blog About That

Every day I haul kids around in my toyota highlander, we talk--they say something profound (usually profoundly funny) and I say, "I'm gonna blog about that!" They say, "Mom, you always say that. You'd be a better blogger if you just would rather than talking about it!" So...Kaleigh and TJ here you go...(not that they are reading, blogging is for "old people" did you know that?)

Yesterday on the way to church TJ said, "Mom, here's the thing. Mikel just got to go to Zion. You're paying her tuition to a private school and that's gotta be a lot--but it's a Christian school and I understand and everything and it's good. (then before I could interrupt, he put his hand up and continued) AND, Kaleigh--she goes on mission trips and stuff, and you and Dad always make sure she has enough money to do that after she raises her support. So, I was just thinking...from here on out, I'm just going to ask for things from you and Dad like this--Can I play basketball and get some training for that IN JESUS' NAME?!"

There you have it. I've blogged about that!


Wags said...

nice thought process teej

impressive. :)

Jenny said...

He comes by it honest...isn't it Tom always saying that we can "smack" our neighbors if they won't share their Bible, In Jesus' Name, of course???

Melissa Lee said...

He IS Charismatic, after all. Cuz that's totally how you learn to talk in an Assemblies of God household.